Spring has finally sprung and we are finally out of winter (cross your fingers!). Here are 11 things to do this Spring in Frisco:
  1. You be the Tour Guide. 2014 is the 5th year this contest has been a hit in Frisco! Grab your camera, take some local shots, and enter your work here.
  2. Patio weather. This is my absolute favorite thing about Spring. The weather isn't boiling hot yet, so it's the perfect time to have an ice cold beverage of your preference on any of the Frisco patios.
  3. Exercise outdoors. We've finally reached the sweet spot of weather for the year. Kick back up your workout routine without the heat exhaustion! Need a suggestion to get you started? Check out this Frisco Central Park workout.
  4. Spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new! The time has come to rid yourself of last year's clutter and mess. How about some help to get you started? Check out these Frisco cleaning services.
  5. Baseball season. The RoughRiders are back in action at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark starting this Thursday, April 3 at 7:05pm. Batter's up!
  6. Soccer season. FC Dallas has already kicked off their season at the Toyota Stadium in Frisco! Keep up to date on the latest on their moves here.
  7. SnowCone lady. The SnowCone Lady will be back soon and will be seen serving up over 60 frozen flavors. This is truly a refreshing way to kick off Spring!
  8. Frisco Farmers Market. Saturday morning's will get kicked off to a fresh start again beginning May 10, 2014. For more information, stay tuned and check in here.
  9. Gardening. Get your garden back in shape by gearing up at one of these local Frisco nurseries
  10. Refresh your wardrobe. Ring in Spring with all the floral and pastel colors your heart desires! Start at one of these local Frisco boutiques
  11. Jimmy Buffett! Last but not least, he's back! June 21, 2014 officially closes out Spring and marks Jimmy Buffett's return to Frisco! Check out these 3 crazy things to look forward to.
Have fun out there, Frisco!