Bored in the gym? Tired of the treadmill?  Me too! Yesterday, I decided to break the gym monotony and bring it outside (my workout that is). You may be surprised, but Frisco is a great area for outdoor fitness.

Here's my workout breakdown:

Running (try it out) - Gotta love that cardio! After a quick stretch, I started off my run at the paths off of Avenue of the Stars by Central Park. The paths aren't terribly long here, but the surrounding view is definitely a great distraction from any muscle fatigue. If you are anything like me, any distraction from that is a welcome one! There is also a good amount of elevation differences in the park if you are looking for something other than a flat run including multiple stair cases and small hills. This area is great if you are looking for a 25-30 minute run, light jog, or walk!

Lunges (try it out) - I have a love hate relationship with this strength training exercise. Hate to do them, love the results! I was feeling especially ambitious, so I pushed myself through sets of regular, backwards, and sideways lunges down some of the flatter paths around Central Park. These paths aren't overly busy or crowded, so it was easy to have some space to work through this not so fun exercise.

Park Bench Dip (try it out) - This is a great triceps and core exercise! Also, an awesome use of my surrounding park amenities. I found a nearby bench, which was fairly easy since parks are littered with them, and made it through these strength training sets. But hello sore arms!

This was such a fun way to break out of my regular routine and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day to get out-and-about and in-and-around the Frisco outdoors. I can't wait to try out some other trails and paths in the area. You can too, and I would love to hear about your favorite spots and tips - drop me a message anytime. Don't forget to keep it safe, out there!