It’s no easy feat to run a business these days, so it really is something to celebrate when a business has been around for more than 50 years. One of those businesses resides in our fair city: The Depot Café owned by Frisco natives Dennis and Deborah Francis. Just last week, city officials, along with the Francis family and café regulars, recognized The Depot Café as the oldest family-owned business in Frisco! The café’s 55-year history has seen it evolve from a grocery store (owned by Dennis’ father Henry) to a Quick Check convenience store complete with gas station and deli, to the home-cookin’ mainstay that we know and love today.

In spite of Frisco’s astronomical growth, The Depot Café manages to keep the city’s original small-town feel alive. In fact, when you’ve visited the café enough times, Debra Waldsmith, the cashier, greets you by name. And Friday-night regular Charlie Pearson, 92, says he loves coming to The Depot Café because he knows he’s always bound to run into old friends there. “It feels like family, and they know how to cook catfish.” They sure do, Charlie.

The Depot Café

6733 W. Main St.