Star light, star bright! This Saturday marks the second Saturday of the month which means one very important's time for Frisco StarFest!

Frisco StarFest is a once a month event that starts at sunset and ends at 10:30pm, every second Saturday of the month. The unique draw about the event is that about a dozen telescopes are set up for viewing. And the best part is that Frisco StarFest is FREE! So no need to open your wallet this weekend. Just grab your friends, kids, and family and head over to the Frisco Commons Park for a night under the stars.

Looking for the cherry on top to the night? Try downloading an astronomy app on your smartphone. With just a touch of your finger you will be able to pull up virtual star charts, map out the planets, and navigate space! Here is a list of some of the top astronomy apps:

  1. Space Images lets you view images and videos from NASA of space, stars and the planets.
  2. Stars new names and outlines the constellations for you.
  3. SkyORB has a point to sky feature that identifies what you're looking at.
  4. AstroFacts has a ton of astronomy and space flight facts in one place.
  5. Moon Globe let's you explore the surface of the moon and more.

If you just can't get enough of astronomy, don't miss out on these additional astronomy apps. Enjoy the view and as a famous Vulcan would say, "live long and prosper". (Please excuse the Star Trek lingo...I just couldn't resist!)