If you’re looking for some southern fried adventure, sans fried, then head to North Texas. While Frisco has loads of restaurants, entertainment and events it also shares some of the greatest Hollywood history, and drama, that Texas has to offer!

Just a few short miles down Main Street rests an eerie, steel skeleton of where an iconic grand mansion once stood. In the middle of what is now Brinkmann Ranch, it was within these walls where J.R. Ewing first schemed his way into the hearts of Texans.

For all you Dallas buffs out there this 14,000 square-foot home, built in 1941, was the original Southfork location. Despite the glamour and fame associated with the Ewing family, the ranch owner decided to pull the plug on further involvement with the show only after the first season. Word on the street is that the rancher himself was caught up in some risky Ewing-esque business that was too juicy to see the light of day.

Shortly after the show was forced to move to a ranch near Plano, the home was unfortunately destroyed by a fire. After two failed attempts to rebuild, the old Southfork mansion will forever rest as the skeleton you see today.

Who knows! Maybe the series of unfortunate events was J.R. Ewings final reminder that, “Southfork is mine! Always has been, always will be!”