The addition of PGA Frisco to the roster of unique things to do in Sports City USA is a game changer. With an intentional focus on providing golf that is both approachable to new players and also championship-caliber play for seasoned savants, PGA Frisco delivers a broad offering with a lot of moving parts. We sat down with one of the people responsible for keeping those moving parts well-oiled, Head Golf Pro, Trish Holt. 

Learn about Trish's path of growing up in Frisco to being Head Golf Pro at PGA Frisco's Fields Ranch.

When did you start golfing?

I grew up here in Frisco, and grew up playing at a golf course in Anna, Texas, called Hurricane Creek Country Club. That’s where I fell in love with the game, with my dad who brought me into the game.

What does your day-to-day look like as Head Golf Professional at PGA Fields Ranch?

I manage the day-to-day operations, managing a team, managing a staff, and all of the events and tournaments that we put on here. I teach a little bit, but I focus more on the operational side.

This facility is so special. There’s really nothing else like it or the programming here. And, the fact that it’s in my own backyard is really special.

Was being a PGA Golf pro in Frisco part of your plan?

Not in Frisco. Having the PGA Headquarters here was not on my radar. I came back home to do my internship in golf at a local course in Frisco because I knew that I wanted to be a golf professional and work on the business and operational side of golf. But, I never dreamed I would be the Head Golf Professional at PGA Frisco.

PGA of America opened in 2022, followed by the Omni in 2023, so when did you get here?

The Omni PGA Frisco Resort and Fields Ranch all opened on the same day. I was here two months before the official opening and then we rolled right into the KitchenAid. It was a quick turnaround. It’s been a whirlwind. And, our teaching and coaching center is the last piece to officially open.

This is the year of learning. We’ll have a better idea of how to prepare in advance for next year but right now we are seeing what is our business levels, when do people want to come, what’s most popular, what do we need to adjust.

How does your local connection tie in?

It’s very special that I’ve gotten to see so many people from my past, from growing up, and from other clubs that I’ve worked at that are coming to see this facility. It’s great to be able to show it off, so that in itself is very exciting. I definitely have a ton of pride. I want this to experience to be wonderful. It’s in my home town, so I want to help make it the best that it can be.

What do you do when you are not working in golf?

I play golf. I’m so lucky that my hobby was able to become my career. I’m one of those people that when I’m not working, I go to a golf course and go play.

I minored in journalism. I love writing. You don’t quite realize being a golf pro how much writing you have to do. Whether it’s email communication, the information you put on the website, correspondence to a membership or tournament presentation, you really use that skill a lot.

I also get to use graphic design skills in this job, too. For our tournaments, making the scorecards and scoreboards – it has a visual component to it. I get to pull it all together.

How are you working to foster the love of the game for younger players?

We hosted the National Boys High School Championship, the National Girls High School Championship, and PGA Jr. League. These were huge, players and families here for multiple days each, enjoying the experience and the competition. To see the scores they shot on these courses was really amazing. They tore it up. It's a testament to how good junior golf is becoming. Talk about growing the game of golf – that’s where it starts.

What do you want people to know about PGA Frisco? 

This facility is open for everyone. Golf has a bit of a stigma that you have to be a good golfer and that’s not true here. Bring the kids out to play and watch. They’ll love it here. It’s fun!


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