Witness a Total Eclipse from Frisco, Texas

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse made a narrow path of totality across parts of Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Frisco is within that narrow path where viewers can observe the moon blocking the sun in what's known as the "Great North American Eclipse". The Lone Star State was a prime viewing area for the 2024 eclipse, as the moon's shadow traveled approximately 478 miles along the centerline from the Mexico-Texas border to the Texas-Oklahoma border in under 18 minutes at an average speed of 1,641 miles per hour.

Behold the Rare Daytime Darkness

How often does a solar eclipse happen?  A total solar eclipse is a rare sighting. Remember, this is more rare then a partial eclipse and annular eclipse, like in October 2023. The perfect alignment of the moon and the sun to fully obscure the sun happens about once every 18 months, but a total eclipse occurs in the same place on Earth only about once every 375 years, on average. The United States will see another total eclipse in 2044, but likely in a path not over Frisco, Texas, so take advantage of your chance to stand in the shadow of the moon on April 8, 2024.

Wondering how long an eclipse will last? The eclipse lasts only a few minutes. The Frisco area witnessed the eclipse starting approximately 1:41 p.m., lasting two minutes and 38 seconds. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.


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Frisco is on the Map

Will Frisco be a one of the places to view the 2024 total eclipse? Yes, Frisco is one of the cities on the map, which in this case means in the path where the moon will block the sun 100%. To experience the total phase of the 2024 eclipse, you must be located within this narrow path of totality. Texas is going big, of course. About 12.7 million people live in the path in Texas, plus another 450,000 visitors are expected to witness the eclipse. 

Stages of a Total Eclipse

The more you know about the five stages you can expect during the April 8, 2024 eclipse, the better you'll understand what you are witnessing. When the shadow of the moon begins to look like it's at the edge of the sun, it's the first contact stage. As it covers a portion of the sun it's in the partial state, then second contact is when it's almost fully blocking the sun. Totality is when the moon is 100% blocking the sun, which allows the shimmering edges to shine, called the 'crown'. As the sun is uncovered, it's the third contact phase. 

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Exploring Frisco

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

  • A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun, and the moon blocks the sun for a viewer on Earth. During a total eclipse, the moon lines up perfectly to fully obscure the sun, resulting in "totality" and a brief view of the shimmering corona. 

  • On April 8, 2024, the path of the total eclipse goes over Mexico, over the U.S. in Texas, crossing 13 states, exiting in Maine, then over Canada. Frisco, Texas is within the projected narrow path of totality, meaning it's a great viewing location to experience the total phase of the eclipse! To see the path in more detail, visit NationalEclipse.com.

  • It is not safe to look directly at the sun, even if it's partially blocked or viewed through a camera, binocular or telescope lens. Wear special-purpose solar viewing glasses, also known as eclipse glasses that have a solar filter to avoid eye injury. Learn more about safely viewing the Eclipse here.

  • The period of time considered 'totality' when the moon fully blocks the sun from view lasts approximately two to four minutes. Times and durations can vary for viewers depending on the exact location when viewing. 

  • Total solar eclipses occur approximately once every year somewhere on Earth. But what is rare is how often a particular place gets darkened by the moon's shadow. That happens approximately every 400 years. 

  • It's estimated that 215 million Americans watched the 2017 solar eclipse, with about 12 million of those in the path of totality. Because 32 million Americans live in the path of totality for the April 8, 2024 total eclipse, it could be the most watched in history! Three of Texas' largest markets are in the path of totality - San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, which includes Frisco.