Frisco Arts Walk 

October 7, 2017  |  12 p.m. - 7 p.m.


iHeartFrisco Marker

Frisco Artists, we seek a creator for the iHeartFrisco "heart" marker, to be placed permanently at HALL Park!


- A current CV or Artist Resume
- Brief Bio
- Artist Statement
- Three (3) high-quality JPEG images of your artwork

Send these items to Marla Roe at

Deadline for submissions: Monday, August 14

Images submitted should be reflective of your typical artwork, created within the past two years. The images are not necessarily to be a design for this project, but rather something to show the selections committee your style and craftsmanship. Consistency and dynamic compositions in the portfolio will receive more consideration, but in the end, we will only select one artist to represent

While we invite all creative interpretations of the project, the artist selected will create a design with final approval from an independent selection committee of representatives of Frisco Arts, Visit Frisco, Frisco Public Art and HALL Park. The media for the final design will be Acrylic or Enamel Paint.

The selected artist will be reimbursed up to $200 for materials, and will receive:

- One (1) night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn
- $100 to Stonebriar Centre 
- $100 to Mash'd 


- Artist must be a current resident of the City of Frisco.

- Portfolios submitted and the final design must contain family-friendly imagery.

- Artist must be capable of working with the Selection Committee and follow a timeline for the project, as well as a preliminary approval of the proposed design.

- Media and Paint used for the project should be approved for durability and lightfastness before the design begins.