What should I expect at Frisco Fan Fest? 

Frisco Fan Fest will be held at Dr Pepper Arena from 11AM to 2PM. Each team will have a one-time ticket offer exclusive to Frisco Fan Fest. You can expect interactive games, music by DJ EJ, silent auction that includes memorabilia from each team, player autographs and appearances from dance teams and mascots.  Concessions will be open and there will be food and drink (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) available for purchase. 

How much is a ticket to Frisco Fan Fest? 


What's the best time to arrive? 

Doors open at 11AM. Arrive early to beat the crowd. 


What time does Frisco Fan Fest end?

The Frisco Fan Fest will end promptly at 2 p.m.

Do you have to be a certain age to attend Frisco Fan Fest? 

No. Fans of all ages are invited to attend. 

Will there be food and drinks for purchase at Frisco Fan Fest? 

Yes. Concession stands will be open for the entire Frisco Fan Fest with food and drink for purchase. 

What items are NOT allowed at Frisco Fan Fest? 

For safety reasons, patrons may be refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items including, but not limited to: alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, food, drinks, glass/plastic/metal containers, video recorders, audio recorders, fireworks, laser pointers, backpacks, coolers, knives over 5 inches in length, weapons of any type, baby seats or carriers, unauthorized noise makers, glitter, confetti, Frisbees, streamers, helium balloons, beach balls, parcels or packages, inflatables, or large bags of any kind. Dr Pepper Arena reserves the right to confiscate any prohibited items and/or escort the guest from the building.


Can I bring a camera to Frisco Fan Fest?

Cameras are allowed inside Frisco Fan Fest. However, photo and video opportunities are NOT available with the athletes during the autograph session. 


Am I guaranteed to get an autograph?

No. Players will only be available for a certain period of time, which is why we encourage early arrival for your best chance to grab autographs. There will ONLY be allowed 1 autograph per person, per player. Sharpies will be provided for autographs.


What athletes will be at Frisco Fan Fest? 

The lineup of athletes attending Frisco Fan Fest will be released a few weeks prior to the event. 


Where do I park? 

There are 2 parking garages to the west of Dr Pepper Arena with approximately 2,000 spaces total.  Parking will be FREE for Frisco Fan Fest. Parking policies are as follows:

  • No overnight parking is permitted without the prior approval of facility management.
  • Passing out flyers and the sale of merchandise by outside groups or individuals in the parking lots is strictly prohibited without the approval of venue management.