Hit the Green with Meetings in Frisco, Texas

Hit the green when you book your next meeting in Frisco, Texas.

Discover a destination where productive work and one-of-a-kind play are par for the course and you’re a guaranteed winner with an incentive to book your meeting with Visit Frisco. Sign a contract for a meeting that consumes by December 31, 2024 at a Frisco hotel and meets the requirements below to receive up to $10 per consumed room night.*

Incentive Details

  • $10 per consumed room night    
  • Must book at least 175 rooms within a minimum of two (2) nights peak Sunday – Thursday 
  • New RFPs only 
  • Meeting must consume at a Frisco hotel 
  • Meeting must book before June 30, 2024 

*Pre-approval required. Offer valid while supply lasts.

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