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2601 Preston Rd. Frisco, Texas 75034

KidZania is powered by kids taking on various roles & responsibilities throughout the city. When you arrive at KidZania, you will find yourself at our Airport check-in area. When you check in, you and your kids will each receive an RFID security bracelet with GPS tracking device. Kids also receive complimentary kidZos, KidZania’s currency which your kids can earn, spend, save or invest. Once inside, children are encouraged to discover professions independently, which boosts their confidence and communicating skills. Parents can enjoy passive participation or relax at the dedicated soundproof Parents Lounge. On Sundays, enjoy Family Day Sundays: Every Sunday parents will be able to participate alongside their kids in role-playing professions. From hosing down the fire, climbing a building, to hosting a podcast – parents can try out 100+ occupations together with their children. A 1 adult to 1 child ratio will be kept inside the activities to ensure great quality experience for all kids. On Sundays parents are also allowed to enter into the activities to take pictures or videos. KidZania Dallas is located at Stonebriar Centre mall in Frisco, Texas.

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