Visit Frisco offers an array of services to meet every meeting planner’s needs. Our professional staff can assist in the pre and post-planning of your meeting, convention, group tour or sporting event. Read below to learn more about the services we provide.

Registration Assistance

Visit Frisco registration clerks will work side-by-side with your sales staff to make registration painless and smooth. Groups booked through Visit Frisco receive a minimum of four (4) hours of complimentary assistance for every 60 peak room nights booked in Frisco. Please contact us at least 30 days prior to your event to arrange convention services staffing needs. 

Site Inspections

We are happy to arrange site inspections of hotels, restaurants, venues and local attractions to match your needs. Appointments and customized itineraries are provided to ensure a productive site visit. Our service staff is a source of local information to help plan an event. 

Community Outreach / Team Building

Looking for a way to get out or get involved in the Frisco Community? Visit Frisco can assist you by contacting local, service organizations to set up a community outreach program or by contacting local venues for a team building event. 

Vendor Referrals

Whether you need catering for the masses, transportation assistance or fresh cut flower arrangements - we know someone who can get the job done! Give us your list - we're happy to provide resources to meet your every need. 

Off-Site Venues and Itineraries

Enjoy a change of scenery or treat your guests or attendees to something unique to Frisco. We will help you coordinate meetings or activities in a variety of unique venues including Frisco Heritage Center, Dr Pepper Ballpark, Ford Center at The Star, or even Frisco restaurants with private dining areas. We will customize an itinerary that best suits the interests of all involved. 

Frisco Visitor Guides

We are pleased to provide attendees complimentary 17" x 15" plastic bags imprinted with the Visit Frisco logo. Each bag contains our official 'Visitors Guide' and other information about the City. We can provide one bag for each peak room booked in Frisco through Visit Frisco. 

Convention Promotion

Whether your goal is awareness or to increase attendance, our Marketing & Communications team will help you spread the word about your event. We are happy to distribute press releases or provide photography for brochures and websites. 


If you’d like more information or have questions about Visit Frisco's services, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to work with you in any way we can to help make your next event a success!

Lisa Bethea, CTA, CTIS

Senior Convention Services & Tourism Manager


Phone: 972-292-5255

A woman who's memory definitely serves her correctly. Ask her just about anything and she'll be able to give you the details. Lisa joined Visit Frisco from the world of hotels, working her way through the ranks from convention services to sales. With her positive spirit and hospitable personality, she made it her personal goal to make sure every client was taken care of whether it be a meeting planner or a hotel guest. Other than her passion for people, she is completely smitten with pens. She can tell you just about anything you'd want to know about whatever you may happen to be writing with.