Frisco Free Money Train

ALL ABOARD!!! Hop on the Frisco Money Train and get FREE money for making Frisco your final destination for your next meeting or conference. See terms & conditions below. 

Here's How It Works 

Now through September 30, 2018, for every 100 total rooms contracted in a Frisco hotel, we’ll give you $500 to use at your discretion! Want it on your Master Account? Done. Want it all on a VISA gift card? Done. Your money, your way. 

-  $2,500: 500+ Total Rooms

-  $2,000: 400 Total Rooms

-  $1,500: 300 Total Rooms

-  $1,000: 200 Total Rooms

-  $500: 100 Total Rooms

Terms & Conditions: Must be a new piece of business to Frisco. Business has to be consumed at a Frisco hotel property by September 30, 2018. Not valid for groups already contracted. Credit will be applied to the property master account of the booking property based on actual pick up, not made as payment in advance to the booking party directly. Subject to availability. 

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