What's the best time to arrive? 

Day parking opens at 9AM on festival days. Venue gates open at 11AM and music will start around 12PM each day. Arrive early to allow for possible traffic and security search at entrance. Please try and carpool. Busiest times with the most wait are usually between 4PM - 6PM. Expect delays. 


What time does the festival end? 

The festival ends before 12AM (midnight) both days. 


Does my child need at ticket? 

If your child is under 2 years old, they will NOT need at ticket. Any children 2 years old and older will require a ticket for the event. 


Can I leave the festival once I've scanned my ticket to come inside? 

No, there is no exit and re-entry in the ticketed area. The ticketed area includes the vendor village. 


Can I bring a chair or blanket inside the festival? 

Sorry, but NO blankets, folding chairs, poolside lounges, lazy boys, banquet or folding metal chairs allowed. 


Do you accept Cash and Credit Cards? 

Yes, all vendors accept Cash and most accept Credit and Debit cards. ATMs are located throughout the inside of Toyota Stadium. 


Can I bring an umbrella to block the sun and stay cool? 

Sorry, no umbrellas are allowed. They tend to block the view of other festival goers. You wouldn't want someone with an umbrella blocking your view either, right? 


Are strollers allowed into Toyota Stadium? 

Yes, if it's for an infant/toddler. Sorry, no wagons. 


Are backpacks allowed? 

No, backpacks will not be allowed inside Toyota Stadium. 


Can I bring a camera, video camera or tablet? 

Pro cameras (removable lenses), video cameras and tablets are NOT allowed. 


Can I bring E-Cigs? 

  • Single use Mini's (aka Cig-A-Likes) are OK. 
  • Mid sized e-cigs & vape pens are OK. However, no liquid refills will be allowed inside venue.
  • APV's or Mods are NOT allowed in the venue. (They are OK in onsite camping)


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