Allegiance is a professional Esports organization that is a part of the Infinite Esports & Entertainment family, the same Texas-based esports media and holding company led by Neil Leibman (Co-Owner, Texas Rangers), Chris Chaney (Founder and President), and Ryan Musselman (SVP of Strategy).

"We've been impressed with the Allegiance brand and are excited to welcome the organization to the Infinite family," said Infinite Esports & Entertainment founder and president, Chris Chaney. "As the world of esports continues to expand, Allegiance will now have the resources, infrastructure and support to become a leading esports organization and reach its full potential."

Joining Infinite naturally means supercharging Allegiance’s capabilities. The organization already boasts involvement in Rocket League’s Rival Series, players in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Injustice 2, and is now home to an Arena of Valor team to compete for a slice of the $500,000 up for grabs at the World Cup in Los Angeles.

It’s not just a matter of signing players and trailblazing their way into new scenes either. Its players will have access to training facilities in North Dallas, with some of the Rocket League crew already relocating to the area. Though its outward work is to develop a wider and more all-inclusive community around the games it’s now involved in, making Allegiance as much as possible a team and organization for fans of all ages and walks of life, its core culture is still fundamentally that of support for the players under its banner.

“At the root of Allegiance is loyalty, and through the soaring victories and challenging defeats, the team has maintained that core character that kept us going,” said Connor Hall, President of Allegiance. “We’re excited to take on this new adventure together with Infinite Esports, and to bring our fighting spirit and loyal fans to new stages of competition, with more fun games to come.”