Live Music

They say "music is to a city what flavor is to food." Well, if that’s true, then Frisco has a lot of great flavor!

On any given night, you can find more than one spot serving up live, local music in Frisco. If you’re craving a glass of wine, good food and a patio with tunes, Eight 11 is the place to be. How about a little country or easy listening rock and roll? Head on over to Stan’s Main Street. No matter which genre your playlist repeats, you’re sure to find something just your style.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Frisco’s music festivals, too. You may have heard of artists such as Blake Shelton, Jimmy Buffett, Good Charlotte or Ludacris? So has Frisco. Each year, Frisco offers up multiple music festivals and concerts for all music aficionados. If cowboy boot and country music is your thing, be here for Off the Rails Country Music Fest. Love the sounds of indie or alternative rock? Don’t miss Edgefest in the spring. Frisco may not have a beach, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you may find it at Jimmy Buffett’s annual tour stop in Frisco.

For a full list of music festivals and events in Frisco, check out the listings below.

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