Rail District Branding Project Uncovers Valuable Local Insights

Frisco, TX (June 6, 2024) - The results from the Discovery Phase of Visit Frisco’s Rail District branding project are in, and they include hundreds of unique and powerful insights from the city’s business, government, residential, and development communities.  

After sounding a call for input, the Visit Frisco team received 872 responses to the digital brand discovery survey. Additional research included a series of interviews with local business owners, government officials, and invested individuals from the community at large.

“We’re thrilled so many passionate people shared their important ideas and insights with us,” says Cori Powers, Visit Frisco’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “This invaluable input will be directly applied to future phases of the branding project.”

The research identified several core themes that will influence how the Rail District brand looks and sounds:

  • Accessibility - respondents emphasized the importance of a walkable, safe environment. 

  • Family Friendly - respondents want to see the area “buzzing with families.”

  • Vibrant & Varied - respondents want to see a healthy mix of stores, venues, events, and concerts.

  • One-of-a-kind - respondents want to see unique and family-owned businesses.

  • A Place to Gather - respondents want a destination that brings people together. 

“The rail district sees families gathering for their nightly walk, meet-ups, and dinner. Every need is just steps away. Every friend is close by,” wrote one respondent. 

The survey results also tell a promising story about the future of the Rail District. While those who already visit the Rail District daily indicated their habits wouldn’t change post-development, the number of respondents who said they’d be visiting multiple times a month, week, and weekly climbed significantly. 

Restaurants, shopping, food, entertainment, atmosphere, and walkability are all key reasons respondents anticipate visiting the post-development Rail District.

“As a community, it’s obvious we’re all eager to see the future come to life, in the meantime, our team now has the input we need to move into the branding phase,” said Powers.

Final deliverables for the branding project will include a brand logo, color palette, typography, and copy guidelines to ensure the Rail District is represented in a cohesive, consistent way across all marketing channels. 

The projected timeline has the brand rollout scheduled for early fall 2024. 

See an overview of the findings from the discovery/research phase of the project here

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