While chicken fingers, a classic burger and pizza are always a good choice when it comes to meal decisions, sometimes you just want that unique dish you can't get anywhere else. Because of this conundrum, we've put together a list of 6 unique dishes in Frisco you have to try. And not to worry... we've tried these ourselves, so while we understand these may not be the first menu items to jump off the page at you, we promise these are worth a try.


5th Street Patio Cafe

5th Street Patio Café – CapNCrunch French Toast

We're fairly certain this dish would be "Buddy The Elf approved." Sweet and crunchy make for a yummy and tummy filling breakfast adventure. This new twist on a classic dish is made up of old fashioned French Toast plus fresh berries, whipped cream and, yes, you guessed it... Cap'n Crunch cereal. Top it off with maple syrup and you'll have reclaimed your crunch time, as the Cap'n would say.


Barnlight Eatery

Barnlight Eatery – Chorizo Meatloaf

Just like mama made it, but with a little extra flare. This popular Barnlight Eatery dish features county-style meatloaf made up of beef and chorizo, served with a side of buttermilk mashed potatoes and green beans then covered in a brown gravy and smoked corn relish. This dish carries a lot of flavor and pairs well with many of the craft beers Barnlight Eatery has on tap. 


Estilo Gaucho

EG Steak - Fireball Cheesecake

When they say "save room for dessert" at EG Steak (formerly Estilo Gaúcho), trust us, they mean it. The Frisco Brazilian Steakhouse features a variety of yummy post-dinner treats, but their Fireball Cheesecake is one hot menu item. This oh so yummy slice of heaven is EG Steak's vanilla cheesecake supreme, which they brûlée with brown sugar. Once served, they present Licor 43, a cordial from Spain made with 43 herbs and spices. The liquor is swirled in a glass, set ablaze and then poured over the cheesecake. Once the dessert is literally "up in flames," they top it off with a few shakes of a vanillar, nutmeg and cinnamon mix, which adds to the flare and fun of the dish. Served with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh strawberries, you can't deny how incredibly yummy this one-of-a-kind dish is.



MASH’D – Chicken Fried Pepperoni

While these are listed as starters on Mash'd's menu, we could order about 10 of these and be set for the day. First, you've got deli pepperoni which is rolled with Port Salut cheese then it's double buttermilk-battered and fried, just like their YUMMY fried chicken. To make things even yummier, it's served with a side of their famous “Chuck Norris” gravy. These are SOOO good, you'll want to roundhouse kick anyone who tries to take the last one.


One 2 One

One 2 One Restaurant – Lobster Taquitos

Lobster and Taquitos may not be the first two things you think of when pairing up foods, but we promise, these crunchy concoctions are yummy. Featuring a good mix of sweet and savory, One 2 One's Lobster Taquitos feature sauteed spinach, savory cabbage, lobster, mango, tomato and a sweet chili vanilla dip. Enjoy!



Stan’s Main Street – Crunch Queso Catfish

So we're going to be honest... we saw this on the menu and thought, "queso... AND catfish... really?" Queso is great. Fried catfish is great. We're thinking Stan's Main Street thought this same thing and then just said, "why the heck not." Thank you Stan's. We're forever grateful for your ingenious idea. The Crunch Queso Catfish plate features two large catfish filets, fried and then smothered with house made spicy queso, and served with fries and steamed broccoli or your choice of sides. While we know it sounds weird, we promise, you can't go wrong with this Tex-Mex twist on a Texas staple.


Hungry now? Us too! Discover your own unique dishes around town and start your culinary adventure here. Be sure to share your favorite finds with us by tagging us in a picture of your unique dish find on Instagram at @vistifriscotx. Happy eating!