Playwright T.S. Eliot once said “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

Whether you measure your life in coffee spoons, cups or Ventis, there’s no denying that coffee plays a pretty big role in the average American’s life. On a daily basis, 64% of Americans say they drink at least one cup of coffee a day, which comes out to 280.5 million cups consumed per day! While the majority of Americans consume coffee in their home or office, in the U.S., there are just over 22,000 specialty coffee shops!

So, if you’re looking for a unique spot to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe, check out these unique coffee spots in Frisco:


Coley’s Coffee & Wine Bar


Located in Legacy Commons, Coley's Coffee & Wine Bar offers a small unique coffee shop featuring gourmet coffee, baked goods and peace. They believe that the more they give, the more we all prosper; therefore, they give away at least 2% of every dollar they make to charity. 

Global Peace
📷  @pepc0

Summer Moon

Summer Moon is a unique Texas-owned experience of wood-fired, organic, fair trade coffee, located in Historic Downtown Frisco. Their oh-so-yummy signature “Moon Milk” is paired with the best of the best when it comes to beans from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Summer Moon
📷 @jenna_zapata

American Coffee & Tea Company

America Coffee & Tea is locally-owned and proudly serves veteran-owned coffee and tea. They believe your coffee should be as strong as your country, and that goes for your tea, too. Some of their most popular menu items are their coffee and tea flights. 

Coffee flight from American Coffee & Tea
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Ascension Coffee

Located at The Star, this stylish coffeehouse serves premium slow-roasted coffee, as well as boutique wine, plus brunch, pastas, sandwiches and pastries. Ascension believes in bringing the best ingredients and creative innovation to every cup and every plate.

Ascension Coffee
📷 @anu.sehgal

Renew Coffee n' Bakery

Frisco's newest coffee spot is located in Frisco Square. Not only is this quaint little spot serving up some cute and relaxing vibes, but an amazing and extensive menu of beverages and pastries. 

Renew Coffee
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Other favorites include:

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