In these hard times, many people have adjusted their travel plans and are stuck at home. We turned to our Instagram followers from nearby and afar to ask what they’re most looking forward to doing in Frisco once life is back to normal. Check out their responses: 


What are you most looking forward to doing? 

Eating at a Tex-Mex restaurant -@ivlauren 

Traveling again -@casajackson 

Eating tacos at Crush Taco -@moassimo 

Boba tea -@pikachu2818 

Going to Eight11 for rosé, live music and pizza -@kristinjconley 

Going to the farmers market -@cothompson90 

Going to Stonebriar Mall -@impeccably_introverted 

Family reunion -@the_dahya 

Going out to eat -@aleash411 

Going to sporting events -@jdill84 

Going to Frisco Square and getting to hang out in all my favorite places -@mexitkdgirl 

Hanging out with friends again -@juliescdfw 

Patios -@k.micheletti 

Enjoying everything our beautiful city has to offer -@samanthadtxlocating



What Frisco museum or attraction will you visit?

Sci-Tech Discovery Center -@casajackson 

The Museum of the American Railroad -@cothompson90 

National Videogame Museum -@rauschambo 



What Frisco restaurant will you dine-in at first? 

Frisco Diner -@eddies_mama2201 

La Hacienda Ranch -@ttraiders03 

Tomo Sushi -@casajackson 

Taco Ocho -@christinasuzanne 

Crush Taco -@moassimo 

Shabro -@pikachu2818 

The Rail Yard -@cothompson90 

The Common Table -@corianne710 

Crush Craft -@r0s3min 

Pizzeria Testa -@cdalgett 

Best Thai -@mexitkdgirl 

Mi Cocina -@k.micheletti 



What festival or event are you most looking forward to? 

Frisco Uncorked -@corianne710 

All of them -@pslaughter34 

FC Dallas games -@rauschambo 

The Frisco Fair -@k.micheletti 

RoughRiders opening day -@jdill84