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Whether you enjoy baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse, tennis, golf, powerlifting, cheerleading, golf, dance…. we could go on. Bottom line - Frisco has sports and lots of them. From professional to recreational, international to youth competitions, when it comes to athletics, you can find them here in Sports City USA.

Frisco has a presence in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB, and PGA. Add to that the venues, local sports associations, youth sports, and medical facilities Frisco has to offer, you get the unrivaled ecosystem of Sports City USA.

Looking for a location to host your next tournament or sporting event? Visit Frisco Sports & Events is your one-stop connection for sports venues, hotels, and more. Recognized as the "Best Sports Business City" by Sports Business Journal and as the "Top Place to Raise an Athlete" by Men’s Journal, Frisco's world-class venues offer small-to-large scale sporting events, superior facilities, a convenient location, as well as a broad selection of hotels, after-tournament entertainment, and dining options. 

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Visit Frisco Sports & Events is your one-stop connection for sports venues, hotels and more in Frisco, The…


Frisco's wealth and diversity of first-class sports facilities are unmatched.


A wealth of professional sports franchises was a major component in turning Frisco into one of the most livable…


Looking to cheer on your favorite team in Frisco? Check out this list of sports events coming up.

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