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Visit Frisco Sports & Events is your one-stop connection for sports venues, hotels and more in Frisco, The City That Plays. Known, not only for its world class sports facilities and several professional sports organizations, but as the "Top Place to Raise an Athlete," according to Men's Journal. Frisco is also home to exciting events such as NCAA Division I National Football Championship, Frisco College Baseball Classic and has hosted a variety of other events such as soccer, basketball, figure skating, cycling, trampoline and ice hockey.

The Visit Frisco Sports & Events team focuses on bringing small to large scale sporting events to the City of Frisco in collaboration with our local sports leagues, venues and professional teams. Our purpose is to not only provide economic vitality to the City, but to also provide opportunities for local residents and youth to engage in state, regional and national sporting events, either as an athlete, spectator or volunteer. This website is a great source for groups looking to bring their event to Frisco. Here, you’ll find information regarding Frisco’s venues, hotels, after tournament entertainment options and more. Need more information? Contact us today!

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Director of Sports & Events


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Senior Sports Sales Manager


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