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The FinanceBuzz team looked at America’s biggest cities, including population, jobs, earnings, and other metrics to find which cities are booming and which ones are going bust. While the specific reasons behind a city’s features are unique, there are common data points that apply to cities across the country. To identify U.S. cities’ fates and fortunes, the FinanceBuzz team examined more than 100 of America’s biggest cities and found the fastest-rising and fastest-declining places in the country.

The team named Frisco, Texas as the #1 rising city in America. Along with Frisco, Gilbert, Arizona and Chandler, Arizona, are among the fastest-rising cities nationwide as well.

About the Metrics

This analysis looked at how things have changed in each city when comparing the recent past to the present. Specifically, the growth and decline was tracked by looking at a three-year period starting with the last full pre-pandemic year (2019) and ending with the most recent full calendar year (2022). Every U.S. city with a population in excess of 200,000 people in 2019 was included, for a total of 117 cities.

Factors scored include population change, unemployment rate change, per capita income increase compared to peer cities, new home construction, new businesses, percentage of homes that are vacant, home value increase compared to peer cities, and percentage of residents with debt in collections.

Graphic Fastest Rising City

A city-by-city breakdown of the FinanceBuzz listing is available in the full article link above.