Cinco de Mayo AND patio season is upon us. You know what that means, Frisco—margaritas abound. But what if I told you you’re missing out on the crème de la crème of margaritas, the drink you’ll think about forever? Behold, the spicy margarita. Read on for four in Frisco that pack a hot, yet refreshing punch. 


Caballero Margarita
Jakes Burgers and Beer 

Cabellero Margarita

Jakes Burgers and Beer isn't just slinging bomb burgers (though, let's be real, those are epic, too). Head over for their smoky and refreshing Caballero Margarita. This beauty blends sweet and sour with a touch of pineapple for a tropical twist. The secret weapon? Mezcal! But don't run for the hills just yet. Jakes uses just enough to add a hint of smokiness, not knock you over. I’m not a huge Mezcal gal, but I’ll definitely be back for seconds. Plus, a little simple syrup keeps things friendly for both Mezcal and jalapeño newbies. Served with a salty rim, this margarita is perfect when sipping on Jakes lively patio before cheering on FC Dallas or enjoying the Frisco sunshine. Their friendly staff will treat you right—and while the spice level is mild, the flavor is anything but. 


La Mal Vida Margarita
Bottled in Bond Cocktail Parlour & Kitchen 

Bottled in Bond Margarita

Bottled in Bond's La Mal Vida Margarita was downright delicious. This sweet sipper starts smooth and unsuspecting, then the ghost pepper Tequila delivers a delightful kick on the back that'll leave you wanting more. Think of it as a playful punch of flavor with a lingering bite. Presented with a large ice cube for that extra chill (and major aesthetic points), this marg is adorned with a candied flower that brings a yummy gummy bear-like texture. Topped with a layer of foam, it’s as refreshing as it is gorgeous—and it might just become your new favorite. Be warned, the spice can sneak up on you, but don’t worry: Bottled in Bond boasts over 300 spirits, including a staggering 100 bourbons, and 14 other handcrafted cocktails. Plus, if you're looking for a night out, their adjoining Parlour offers live music, open mic comedy, karaoke and more—all listed on their website


eight | 11 place 

eight 11 margarita

Craving a margarita that packs a punch? Look no further than eight | 11 place’s Heat-a-Rita. This ain't your average poolside sipper, Frisco. They take things up a notch by infusing the Tequila in-house with fiery jalapeños, ensuring a slow-burning heat that builds with every sip. Expect a bolder flavor profile compared to the others, with a vibrant green hue thanks to the smattering of cilantro flakes. This full-bodied margarita, made with blanco Tequila, is for those who like their cocktails with a serious kick. It's not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking some spice, it's a must-try. As I learned throughout this tasting experience: the greener, the meaner! 


Raspberry Spicy Margarita
Rare Books Bar  

Rare Books Bar margarita

Calling all hot marg lovers with a sweet tooth! Rare Books Bar's Raspberry Spicy Margarita is here with a whole lotta spice and everything nice. This tropical take muddles fresh raspberries with a kiss of jalapeño, creating a delightful balance of sweet, heat, and a touch of smokiness from the Teramana Tequila. Balanced with tart lime and a hint of triple sec, it's a flavor explosion in a glass—and the Tajín rim (my personal fave) adds another layer of complexity. Served in a traditional glass topped with a hibiscus garnish, this margarita will transport you from Sports City USA to Maui. If you’re craving a serious heat wave, they also have the El Diablo margarita, but proceed with caution. That might be the spiciest thing I’ve ever laid taste buds on. P.S. Rare Books Bar is inside J.Theodore and has a speakeasy vibe! Find the telephone booth, whisper the password (it's a secret), then sit back, relax and enjoy the live music and moody atmosphere. 

Spice Up Your Life: 4 More Spots to Sip On 

Pro tip: Get margaritas with someone who can't handle the kick—because more drink to enjoy yourself, of course.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo and have a spice day, Frisco! 

As always, we remind you to please enjoy responsibly. Be sure to arrange for a Designated Driver ahead of time. Rideshare companies, as well as taxi services are available throughout Frisco.