Walk into Frisco Badminton today and see a flurry of constant motion, athletes of all ages on court after court after court. You'd see the trophy case and the events calendar showcasing large prizes and hundreds of participants. The community that now exists within the walls of Frisco Badminton was a long-time dream of Karri Reddy to build a badminton facility where he could pass down his love for the sport.  

The Story

Karri Reddy grew up playing badminton in India since kindergarten and took that enjoyment of the game through the university level. Frisco Badminton Kerry ReddyAfter getting approval from the Student Senate and funds to form the team, he formed SMU's Badminton Club in 2003 when he was earning his Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering. In 2017, he started a badminton facility in a warehouse, but was limited in what they could do with the flooring and the lighting to optimize the playing experience. 

So, when the time came to build the facility the sport deserved, without hesitation Reddy chose Frisco. He says he built in Frisco because it's Sports City USA and filled with families with kids - the perfect place where he could pass down his passion for badminton to the next generation. Reddy describes it a case of the private sector stepping up and providing what the community needed.

There was a learning curve to bring a badminton facility to Frisco. Reddy had to educate people in this area, especially about the opportunity for badminton to be a full-time sport and to show that there's a pathway to being a full-time player.  

The Facility

Frisco Badminton has 20 courts dedicated to badminton, all indoor with 24/7 access. That's right. With biometric access, members can come in anytime to train. Reddy says that it's important to his members to be able to come on their own schedule, so he made it happen. 

You will not see anything compared to this facility. It's the first built in the U.S. specifically for badminton. Other facilities may be converted warehouses, but this was intentionally built to be for badminton with details like the 40-foot ceilings, special lighting with specific height, angles, and brightness to meet Badminton World Federation standards. 

It's important to note that Frisco Badminton uses the highest quality shuttlecocks, those made using left wing goose feathers. Also called a birdie because the Hindi translation of bird, the 16 feathers of the small, high-drag projectile must be placed just right to create the right spin. 

Frisco Badminton Frisco Badminton

The Sport

Badminton is the second most played sport in the world after soccer, according to RealBuzz. Popular in Asia, the sport is played regularly by an estimated 220 million people around the world. Badminton has been an Olympic sport since the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics. 

Generally South Asian players are of a smaller build, which can make it hard to compete in many American sports. Parents like that they can get their kids into this non-contact sport that they can enjoy while also getting exercise. Speaking of exercise, playing badminton can really get your heart rate up. In one intense session of badminton, someone can burn almost 1,000 calories. 

Tournaments and Events

Each January, Frisco Badminton hosts a tournament with about 600 kids called the USA Badminton South Open Regional Championship. A few months later the Team USA National team selections are held there in April. This event features players in the U13-U19 groups.

The Frisco Open happens in May, which is a cherished annual event with 385 participants. With the Open division format, the competition is high, and the purse keeps getting higher as well. What started at a $13,000 prize level has now grown into $56,000 up for the winning at the Frisco Open!

Success Stories

Frisco Badminton's coaching staff has serious chops and resumes that impress. Coaching Director Coach Abhishek has 24 years of experience in badminton and at one point was ranked #1 in men's doubles in the U.S. Frisco Badminton's Head Coach, Coach Della was on the Indonesia national team and has long lists of appearances and wins in both USA and Indonesia.Badminton Coach Abhishek

As a facility, Frisco Badminton has quite the trophy collection. Four students have national ranking. Youth players Arya Vijay and Tvisha Modi won the 2022 Pan Am Junior Badminton Championships which earned them the chance to play for Team USA. Another top ranked youth player is Varish Karri who at the age of 10 has top rankings and impressive achievements that reflect his focus and dedication.

They start training kids at five years old with the goal of making them fall in love with the sport. There are six levels of classes from beginner to team. Age eight is about the time the kids consider playing on the competitive teams. Most recently, in an effort to help get badminton into high schools, Frisco Badminton started a pilot program for the 2023-24 school year. Each Frisco ISD high school has two to three boys and girls representing their school to play. 

Frisco Badminton is exactly what Reddy set out to build - a fun atmosphere where kids can join in, play, and play often!

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